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About Antsglobe Technologies
Antsglobe Technologies is a website designing, software development, internet marketing, Bulk SMS and multimedia solutions company.
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Track & analyze your campaigns

With the addition of BannerCampaigner, you are able to enhance any online advertising campaign. By integrating our ad campaign manager, you’ll be able to monitor both on-site and off-site campaigns through BannerOS. By providing complementary performance analysis of Adwords and competing PPC platforms, you can compare and contrast which campaign platform works best for your business.
This type of marketing involves creating a banner advertisement for your brand to display on many different websites. The aim of a banner campaign is not merely to get people to click immediately on your banner ad, but to have your company's name stick in their minds through repeated viewing. The idea is to have your audience become so familiar with your company image that going to your website will become second nature. A good, clickable banner ad needs to offer a clear and concise benefit to the viewer, feature a strong call to action and take the viewer to a page of your website that relates directly to the ad they clicked on. Banner campaigns can result in a good return-on-investment (ROI) in terms of both branding and sales, but they require a lot of expertise, planning and hard work to be effective.
Why Banner Campaign
Promote your brand to thousands of viewers
Track clicks and conversions easily with cookies and specialised landing pages
Reach your audience through the websites they love
Proven effectiveness and high ROI
Huge increases in traffic to your website
Advertise sales, promotions and special offers
Branding made Efficacious with Banner Advertising
Our work in Banner Campaign involves?
The major purpose of running branding campaigns is to achieve recognition and create a long lasting effect on people’s minds. We incorporate the fundamental in an effective way and make the effort far more meaningful.
Direct-Marketing Advantage Achieved by Implementing Click-Through Advertising
It is really important for the small to medium business to understand the effectiveness of each banner ads they run especially when they have allocated a medium budget towards running the advertisement campaigns.
Generating Value from Your Banner Advertising
We have devised an effective mode for running banner advertising campaigns by combining branding and click-through strategies in the best possible way. Thus you can derive maximum value from your banner ads.
Effective Planning for a Successful Banner Ad Campaign
Planning a successful banner advertising campaign takes a bit of time and effort. But, when done correctly, they can result in a good return-on-investment (ROI) in terms of both branding and sales.
Creating Banner Ads that can do Wonders
Many companies tend to have unrealistic expectations from a single banner ad and think that they can achieve far greater objectives with the approach. That’s not the correct approach anyway, the key lies in making the banner appealing to the core and thus the goal is accomplished perfectly.
Banner Ads Rendering Maximum Effect
Once we've determined the sites to place the banner ads, it would be the right time for you to kick start planning the design of the banner ad.


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